Hidden Home Tax

Justin Trudeau’s Secret Plan to Tax Your Home

In 2018, behind closed doors in a Liberal caucus meeting, Justin Trudeau’s housing expert Adam Vaughan proposed a secret plan to implement a tax on up to 50% of the profits on the sale of your home.

This official policy proposal from the Liberal caucus promotes “increasing the capital gains” tax on your home and details a “50% tax after one year of ownership, 25% after two years, 15% after 3 years, 10% after 4 years, 5% after five.”

Brace yourselves Canada: Justin Trudeau is coming for your wallet, only after the election, when he doesn’t need your vote, but still needs your money.

You just can’t trust Justin Trudeau. He is not as advertised.

Check out the leaked Liberal Policy document below:

Gaping hole in the Trudeau Liberal platform

Justin Trudeau’s secret plan to tax the sale of homes has been exposed in his platform which has a $10 billion mystery tax hike.

But instead of abandoning his plan to take the sale of your home, Trudeau is only promising not to tax it at 50%.

New revenue for them means more taxes for you!

Canadians cannot trust Trudeau when he says he won’t raise your taxes. After all he raised taxes on 80% of middle-class families and if he’s re-elected, Trudeau’s carbon tax is going to increase the price of gasoline by 31 cents per litre.

If Justin Trudeau and the Liberals are re-elected, they will do what they did last time and hike your taxes to pay for their out-of-control spending.

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